The ease with which we slip off our skins around each other
The ease with which we drop our masks
Your candor, my trust; your what-ifs, my words. (…) … More Saudade

Throwback City

She let him walk away. She stood on the kerb, a lonely red bangle dangling from her thin wrist. She had stopped him the last time, and the time before that. He had stopped, and she had been happy. Before she noticed him checking his watch, tapping his foot on the edge of the pavement. … More Throwback City

Silent smiles

I drip I drip of love For you, for the stars   These stars, they shine for you For everything you do They shine for us They shine for the songs we heard The songs we danced to.   We danced in the rain, Perhaps in my dreams In your eye, I discern a gleam. … More Silent smiles

Love in a word

If you had to describe love in one word, what would it be? Beautiful? Painful? Blind? If I were to do it, I’d say love is exhausting. I’ve never loved someone so much. Wanted them to stay this happy. Felt the stirrings of anxiousness at small things. Known what fear is. How tiring it is … More Love in a word

Let me….

Let me float on the seventh heaven. Don’t bring me back to the ground, let me fly. Let me believe in happily ever afters, and fairies and rainbows. Let me feel that I will feel the same years after as I do today. Let me feel that the warmth that I feel in my chest … More Let me….


You decide you will be happy. You decide you will forget. You decide you will not think about the past. You decide you will let nothing stand in the way of success. I don’t think that’s a good idea, says the voice in the back of your mind. Why, you enquire? I’m being so positive, … More Untitled


Tears in my eyes. Am I surprised? Yes. Things are fucked up more than they ever had been, so such a reaction should not have taken me by surprise. But these tears, they are not sad. That’s what caught me by surprise. One thing leads to another, and thinking and thinking, going back in time, … More Shit.