When I lose my head I lose my spine

There’s a maze in my head. 

I run till my knees buckle and my feet stumble. 

I wearily look at the horizon and pound the fleshy road, fighting to get ahead. (…) … More When I lose my head I lose my spine



I imagine you as hash under my fingernails.  A heady reminder of the night that was, hard to remove, harder to forget. I come traipsing back to you, like an addict, somehow each time hungrier for more. Your effect lingers, in the way I look at myself in the mirror, in the way I do … More Hash


I’m learning to make peace with loneliness. It has never been a friend of mine. I love its sibling, space. There is a very thin line between getting your own space and being lonely. I need time for myself, completely alone, every day, to be a sane person when in company. But the trouble is, … More Breathe