Let’s hurt tonight

It’s a complicated world.

You think you are pretty and amazing, but then remember people who are the objects of silent ridicule because they overestimate themselves so much (seriously, it’s objectively quite funny). How would you even know if you are one of them – they certainly don’t!

You think you should accept you are average, and the Internet attacks you for not harboring enough self-love.

You try to take a middle path, and you are the uncertain awkward person who doesn’t know how they should take, or even feel about compliments.

So I decide to just let it all be.

I rip out the razor hidden beneath my pillow, and look for quick relief. You can quit judging now. Yes, you. You smoke up to relieve pressure at the end of the day. You who start out with the idea of just one drink but end up downing three in quick succession. These are habits that are okay in moderation, right? So why not mine? As long as it is occasional and invisible, it doesn’t matter.

It’s almost five in the morning. Due to winters, the sun is nowhere near rising yet. Thank God. There is something very bullishly forceful about the dawn – like the sun rays eerily, forcefully extending their long, shiny fingers throughout the world to rudely wake it up from peaceful slumber. It unsettles me, and the bustle that follows makes me restless. This is why I like to wake up at noon (when it’s possible) – people have settled down and are more peaceable around lunch time, nobody is hurrying, and the sunlight is prevalent enough for me to appreciate it for its warmth.

Title: One Republic. Let’s Hurt Tonight.

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