Postcards from the edge

When you go away,
as you will –
I shall send you postcards from the edge.
Colorful pictures of places we’ve been, only seen,
in our dreams.

I shall write you letters, pen down words
that will make you smile, and dredge
up old memories you have forgotten –
pages upon pages of curvy ink stamped with a lick of longing.
Hoping to light up your day with my name,
as it used to be.

I shall make poems for you,
sonnets and songs and word poetry –
engulfed around the you that used to be used to me.
Create a mirage of you still being around, 
envelope myself in false relief.

I shall sign them all S, and leave you be.
Write you a letter every week of the month,
make you the most cherished part of my routine.

I shall bring you up in conversation,
smile to myself at the sound of your name
like a little secret I share with myself –
part happiness, part pain.

Title: Scorpion, Season 1 finale title.

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