Tell me

Tell me about your day,
about how you took your chai,
and whether the cigarette lit up on the first try.

Tell me about how you cursed yourself when you got late,
and which meme made you laugh,
and which text made you shut your phone and put it away.

Tell me about what you overthought,
about the silly little almost-fall,
and the way your heart hammered when you pretended to be confident,
about when you got drunk just so you could vent.

Tell me what made you laugh till your stomach hurt,
the random people you judged,
the girl you saw that made your heart skip a beat,
and how you hated the fucking summer heat.

Tell me about what constantly preys on your mind,
what drives you crazy – both head and heart,
and how much you miss me (sometimes).

Tell me every little thing and every small word,
for no matter how much of you I inhale,
it never seems to be enough.

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