It’s a normal day.
Do I know something’s coming?
Maybe not.

Maybe there is something sinister
in the very air here
Maybe my imagination is running haywire.

Maybe every firm step in every closed elevator is a threat
Maybe these cigarettes are firing up my paranoia.

Maybe this is a reaction to a trigger warning I did not heed
Maybe it’s my PMS acting up.

Maybe I’m losing my mind and slowly going insane.
Maybe I’m just a frustrated shell of a depressed person.

Maybe I’m a victim, circling back to where I was hunted,
Maybe I’m the revengeful murderer you’ll read about in your morning newspaper, five weeks from now.

You’ll never know.
But then, nor do I.

I am
a walking train wreck
waiting to happen
and I don’t know
how to stop.

Penny for your thoughts?

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