Maybe, you don’t have to kill so kind

I have been down this road,
Oh, too many times before.

But this time, it’s different.
Because it’s you, because it’s us.
Because it’s the woven strings of
my laughter and your promises,
my loneliness and your insecurities.

It looks desolate, this path.
There is the darkness of memories that refuse to leave,
there is the absence of light that inspires hope.
Your smell, however, lingers.

Something tells me
this smoke is here to stay.
Once again, I stand alone, abandoned –
the warmth of your hand
still not cold
in mine.

Your sounds, your breath –
they traipse around me,
like drunken house guests
always coming back for one last goodbye hug.

Title: Keira Knightley. Tell me if you wanna go home.

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