And I almost love this town when I’m by your side

I sat on the pavement, hidden between two cars, lost in reminiscence of long ago. The cigarette in my hand, so badly craved such a moment ago, hung unnoticed. Lost in thoughts, I put it to my lips and exhaled without feeling anything, because you were always the more potent drug. Words flew back and … More And I almost love this town when I’m by your side

We were fire

We were fire.
High on words;
and on the molten flame
of the touch of the tips of your icy fingers. (…) … More We were fire

Short hair chronicles

I got my hair cut very short recently. The reactions were amusing. Most loved it, some hated it a little too much. However, it makes me feel strong and wonderful, and makes me a little less vain. It allows me to believe in my beauty even if I have a pimple on my face or I am in my pajamas. Hell, just looking in the mirror, my face looks so strong, so ready to take on anything, that just this look inspires me to fight the world. Here I explain why this is so important to me. Read on. … More Short hair chronicles