love broken
Art by Aurora Borealis

I sit here and look up at the sky. There are stars, and there is you. You say something and I laugh. I feel pleasure tingle along my spine. I drink in the sound of your voice, and store it in my head. I look at the curves of your smile and smile myself, proud that I remembered each set of line, each wrinkle, each expression. I feel the sun shine on my head, even though it is the middle of the night. Nothing is wrong in the world, for tonight it’s just you and I. Tomorrow, I will walk into the world and I will bow down to the pressures of life. Tomorrow, I will cry and hold myself till I fall asleep. But today I will look up, content from the core of my heart. I will be happy, and I will forget every sliver of guilt and every dagger of hurt. I will look at you and live my life in just these few minutes. I will be so happy today that my life will not ask for a smile for the rest of my years.

But you are not here.

And the clouds hide the stars.

Penny for your thoughts?

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