Just another failed lover

Love trapped poetry art
Art by Federico Bebber

Rivers flow inside me
they gush out of me,
wide, furious, and free
….no,not free.

Today I feel like picking up
every small thing
and putting up a fight with the world
For there are wounds inside of me
Wounds, that nobody can touch.

You stab those wounds
when you say those words
You cause them to bleed afresh
There are silent screams on the
inside of my head
Tearing, fighting, clawing, each lung
And another monologue’s funeral
upon my tongue.

My fingernails dig into my palm
like long-lost lovers
I feel like I’m being pounded inside the ground
With no coffin to cover

I bury my voice and forget my mind
As I have, thousands of times
(In what seems like another life)
They say history repeats itself
How I wish I could say that wasn’t right.

I pay the price for loving peace
I pay the price for loving,
Or am I just a cowardly human on my feet?
Just another failed lover?

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