Why worry about love?

lost love poetry
Art by Januz Miralles

They tell me
to be afraid
that the love will vanish
that you will find solace
in the crook of someone else’s neck
kiss someone else’s lips
feel like holding someone else’s hand

I never was,
and never will be.
I know that the us in you and I
will always be there.
There will always be shivers down my spine
when you hold me gently and kiss me roughly
There will always be moments
when we will pour our hearts out to each other,
you in anger, me in tears
There will be smiles, there will be laughter
at each other, and with each other
There will be nights we will yearn to feel a touch
There will be mornings we will be happy
just because we are near

The way your laughter booms
The way my hair curls
The way you walk away from me, with your head down
The way I stand in wait, until I can see you no more
They way you pull me to yourself without noticing it
The way I subconsciously seek out your arm after a bad dream
The way you close your eyes everytime we kiss
And the way I open mine sometimes just to see this
These, will always be there
We will always have passion, and romance, and poetry
between us.

And even if we don’t, one day,
I will feel happy to have lived a dream.

What I fear is
Not your hand leaving mine
But your mind.
Not you finding passion in someone else’s arms
But you finding comfort in someone else’s words

You finding someone who understands you
(As I do very little)
You finding someone to talk to at 3am
(When I look at generic messages)
You connecting with someone such
That the ‘us’ is only affection;
only passion.

Kisses are fleeting,
and once you close your eyes,
you can always imagine anyone.

Conversations are intimate,
Confidences are private,
just yours, just mine.

Or just yours….and someone else’s.


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