Love in a word

If you had to describe love in one word, what would it be? Beautiful? Painful? Blind? If I were to do it, I’d say love is exhausting. I’ve never loved someone so much. Wanted them to stay this happy. Felt the stirrings of anxiousness at small things. Known what fear is. How tiring it is … More Love in a word

Not numb

I look at the keyboard keys and I bleed. I yearn to bleed. Water pours from my eyes, tears for a pain that is not mine, but one that is not foreign. I pause, I think. I think about not thinking, but I think. Snatches of the past. Pulao. A school teacher. Happiness in small … More Not numb

Forbidden Love

She stood there, her back to me Her hair fell over her shoulder, jet black Taking my heart off the beaten track A little scrape upon her knee   The sunlight glistened on her bonny arms A tear in her eye fighting to come unstrung Her sturdy legs, delicate and strong As if straight off … More Forbidden Love