Love and loss

Take a deep breath. What do you smell?

The upcoming of a farewell.

Oh but I cannot take another parting

It’s pain, physical pain, this feeling.


Listen then, mortal.

To avoid a teary farewell,

Make sure he falls in the twelfth minute.

Let him lose to the brunette.


But…he wants to win

He has built his body and mind

Spent sixteen hours in the gym

How can I take away his dream?


The planets are in the wrong positions

If he wins, there will be a collision

Your life will be ripped apart,

He will die in a twelvemonth


Why must I see this day, dear God!

Live to tear out my love’s heart

Punish him and bring him to his knees

How long until the real me he sees?


Will he hate me, never look at me again?

Will this be the final bane, our happiness slain?

The end of my love, (ah the pun)

An end to carefree days under the sun?


Do it for his life, damsel

The crystal ball does not ramble

My nostrils smell a painful goodbye

Just a twelvemonth shy


I did it, I detest myself

He stood there, limp fists and eyes dead

His opponent raised his hands towards the sky

His dream, dead; soul about to die.


Prompt from here.


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