I want to see if the earth looks slightly more round from the North Pole. I want to feel sunshine on my stomach all day long, lazing at a nude beach. I want to know what it is to dance with 2000 strangers till 6 in the morning. I want to run with him in the sand, and fall down panting because the sand is just too hard to run on. I want to laugh until my stomach hurts and not care how my teeth and my hair look (or if I sound like a hyena). I want to start having lunch with a straw hat on my head at noon and finish it when the wind blows my hat away in the evening. I want to wear a lot of yellow, and loose, loose clothes. I want to sit at the beach with him, late at night. Maybe I will turn the other side, afraid that some kind of creepy crawly will emerge from under the sand, and when I turn back to him, he’s not there. And just as my heart is in my mouth, maybe he will come and grab me from behind, and I will be so relieved that I will realize once again how much fun it is being with him. I want to lie with him under the stars on the top of a tall, tall building with a beautiful view without anyone knowing we are there. I want to learn how to tie the knot of a tie, and a sarong. I want to fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow because I am so tired and content. I want to sleep on a half rotten wooden plank; and on a water bed that has the silkiest satin sheets you ever saw, and pillows that feel like a foamy dream. I want to eat the street food in Brazil and fall in love with it, and eat an overpriced gourmet meal at a tourist deli in Paris and enjoy the food even if I don’t like it, because who doesn’t love the idea of Paris? I want to go to Egypt and retrace the journey of The Mummy series and pretend I am an ancient Egyptian princess. I want to ride a horse all day long and then get a backache and pester him to give me a massage. I want to go to a secluded, mesmerizing place in the mountains and spend a day just looking at everything from my balcony, drinking copious amounts of tea, reading and finishing the day with some weed and a lot of junk food.

I want to see everything and be everywhere.

Penny for your thoughts?

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