Dear Reader

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “For Posterity.”

Dear reader

You have read that post. The post. You know which one I am talking about. Yes, that. The one you saw shared on your Facebook newsfeed by almost everyone and commented on without reading just to be ‘in’. The post that you read and gushed over, without knowing that you wouldn’t have looked at it twice if not for popularity. The post that made this blog famous, and feature in your Sunday magazine. This blog that you are now following because it’s the right, cultural thing to do.

Dear reader, do not believe that I stereotype you. I know of you, too. The one that proudly declares that he is not in the majority, is not a part of the crowd. The one who looks down on the world. The one who launches long comments involving economics in the comments section of the post, after reading it while snacking on a frozen doughnut. The post that you read because you were curious, not knowing that you lost your neutrality long before you even chanced upon it, so rooted is your head in being ‘different’, just for the sake of it.

Dear reader, do not get offended. Do not take this as an insult against your intelligence. This is merely a blog writer telling you that there was nothing greatly exceptional in that post. It flowed out of my head and onto my screen just the way all the other obscure ones did. You were compelled to sit up and take notice, but now you shall judge with a sharper eye, with the question,’Is this a one-time wonder?’, with a competition arising among all of you to denounce the next post because one-time wonders make the best butts. Butts of jokes, of course. See how Stephen King takes not-so-subtle digs at Harper Lee? That will be me next. Not by Stephen King, of course.

Dear reader, I am not trying to pull you down from your pedestal. I am merely telling you that I can’t write. Two viral posts by this writer? As unlikely as sexy socks.

P.S.: Put me in the spam folder of your mailbox if you are angry, do not click unfollow – the numbers on the blog look nice.

Penny for your thoughts?

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