Let me….

Let me float on the seventh heaven. Don’t bring me back to the ground, let me fly. Let me believe in happily ever afters, and fairies and rainbows. Let me feel that I will feel the same years after as I do today. Let me feel that the warmth that I feel in my chest on seeing you after a day will always be there.

Let me remain in my bubble of happiness. Let me feel starry eyed everytime I look at the night sky. Let me believe that my stomach will always do a little backflip everytime you suddenly hug me from behind.

Let me keep my rose eye glasses. Do not point out what I’m missing, do not tell me I am not as good as I think I am. Let me believe I am perfect for you, let me know this thing we have is not a favour from you to me.

For one day, love. Just one day.

Penny for your thoughts?

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