Let us leave, you and I.

And now I think it’s enough. Enough for us, enough for them. Let’s leave this world, let’s leave it to its silent abandon. Even though we have seen the world at its most beautiful, the winds at their fiercest, let us give it all up and lie down beneath the willow tree.

It will be peaceful to have the wind gently passing by. In a few months maybe the hard surface will be broken by a sliver of grass. A few dahlias, if we were good enough to the world. And nothing will be able to touch us anymore. Let us leave while we still can, or one day we shall be forced to. By then I’ll be too weary to enjoy the sunshine or the rain. Let us build thoughts that are enough for us. Let us imagine and wonder. Wander, too, without getting lost in each other’s mind.

Let us look forward to the end of all needs. Let us not forget that we were once children, friends of the hailstones and storms. Now storms rage within our hearts, hard enough to obliterate the beauty of the storm outside. It is no longer a liberating puff of air and freshness, but an obstacle that blocks perfect vision.

Let us leave, you and I. And if you can’t, tell me. I will carry with me the talisman of our memories below the starry skies.

Penny for your thoughts?

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