Scared, so scared. Of saying the wrong thing. Of picking the wrong words. Of offending, of hurting. Of frustrating. Of letting words flow from the heart but having them smashed apart right in the millisecond after they’ve been spoken by the brain. Making the choice between a fake existence and a real one. Thinking about … More Scared


He’s like the bittersweet melody of olden days, the sound of which gives me the power to hear bad music blaring in my ears all day long. He’s like that sniff of cognac that allows me to walk through a morgue and not turn the place into a museum that studies fine vomit. He’s the … More Him

Rest your drunken mind

Love or hate? Hate to love or love to hate? Failed to love or succeeded in hate?   Hate or disappointment? Failed hate or successful disappointment?   Flawed. Nothing I didn’t know. Most flawed. Hits home.   ‘You are nice’, scepticism and a small punch. ‘You’re flawed’, instant subconscious acceptance, no second thought.   And … More Rest your drunken mind

Warning Sign

  It’s in that glance; sideways It’s in that spiral; downwards It’s in that fascination of all things risky That silent, unacknowledged hope Of succumbing to the danger. Title: Coldplay. Warning Sign.