Peace at last

Deep breaths.

One, two, three.

Three, two, one.


Water v. human.

Human v. water.

Deep breaths

one, two, three – no, stop.

Water in the lungs.

Beautiful, cool, sweet water

now burning in the passage of the throat

Water, once soothing a patched throat

Now tearing it apart, like fire.


Hands, feet, skin. Splash-splash-move.

Limbs that could do fifty lengths in a pool

Subdued by the fear of the mind

The same mind that drives the human to do wonderful things

And be the ‘pinnacle’ of evolution

Now the cause of the death of this very human

Frozen, going down.


Images. People, memories.

Realizations, truths, lies.

Happiness, grief, elation, depression.

All gone in a matter of moments.

Nothing, can ever trouble anymore.


Peace at last.

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