His embrace

The wind in my hair, the storm in my heart

I set out, not caring where I would end up

He waited there, at the end of the climb

Terrifying, gigantic, and surreal

Face-to-face, us:

Me, a girl of the Earth; Him, a being ethereal

I hid in my jacket, he shone in his cloak

I shivered in the snow, he fed off sunshine

Twenty-seven days of an arduous climb

The sharp rock that bit into my sole on the seventh day

The sweet snake that took its pain away

The sunshine that was a false friend

And the raccoon that took my food away

Never, for a moment, was any of it as terrifying

As Him infornt of me

Not slurping my own vomit the twenty-second day

Nor having my right arm broken on the third

Terrifying yes, but gloriously terrifying

He shone like the lie on a child’s lips

Smiled like Lucifer, for the Devil too was God’s own once

It was difficult to say how he looked ,

Because he was omnipresent, omnipotent, just a presence in the midst of white snow

Yet I knew he was there, there in front of me

I should say he was black, but he was so much more

The shade of the black of a raven’s beak,

The depth of the purple of a midnight painting

The red of the blood of an innocent youth

The green of the glint of a fear-filled glance

He was great, but terrible, to behold

Was he human? I don’t know.

But what is human?

The same human who would give away two spoonfuls when he has a thousand

Would also tear out from the guts of another half a spoon when he has none

He was the human of the night-time

The human that arises in all of us when we are fast asleep

The demon we hide, the demon we are afraid to confront

He moved, I fell:

I looked up fearless, and remembered everything: and I smiled a smile of contempt.

Because all that we get, we do not deserve; and all that we deserve, we do not know.

And then there was nothing.

Death’s embrace was gentle after all.


For http://yeahwrite.me/moonshine-151/

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