Learn and fail

‘I don’t hurt people.’ He said. ‘That’s not who I am.’

A voice inside me instinctively said, ‘Me too’ but just as I was going to say it, those words died in my throat. When was the last time I had gone for a long time without hurting anyone? Just a few days ago, I had promised Him I would not hurt Him. I had resolved, firmly, that I would be the best person He had ever met. He would love me not because He was generous, but for once, because I actually deserved it.

And yet, here we are.

They say intentions matter. I never meant to hurt anyone. But somehow my actions lead to it. Stupidity. I feel like a blind man in a crockery shop who promises not to break anything, but fails again and again.

But do intentions matter, really? Hitler believed he was creating a purer, stronger human race. His intention was never to simply kill, he envisioned himself as a bringer of better times, intent on re-creating humans as the strongest species. A burglar who ends up killing the house-owner never had the intention to do so.

Actions matter, not intentions. Maybe I was just protecting myself when I thought otherwise. Time to change, again? Learning from mistakes is not as easy as it seems. One misplaced word, and all you were working towards falls to the ground.

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18 thoughts on “Learn and fail

  1. It’s easy to be overly harsh with ourselves and self-punish for our missteps, but I think the learning comes when we are able to acknowledge and forgive ourselves. Of course, the goal of “doing better” is good, as long as our goal isn’t perfection (because in that, we will surely fail :))

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