You decide you will be happy. You decide you will forget. You decide you will not think about the past. You decide you will let nothing stand in the way of success. I don’t think that’s a good idea, says the voice in the back of your mind. Why, you enquire? I’m being so positive, … More Untitled

Innocence, lost.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow. When will I be free of this? A normal afternoon. A happy afternoon. A shining sun. A beautiful road. An eagerly awaited purpose. A pleasant walk. An innocent touch. More a brush against the waist. Rewind. Automatic backlash. Black memories. Stoned on the spot. No longer in the sunshine, no longer smelling … More Innocence, lost.

Learn and fail

‘I don’t hurt people.’ He said. ‘That’s not who I am.’ A voice inside me instinctively said, ‘Me too’ but just as I was going to say it, those words died in my throat. When was the last time I had gone for a long time without hurting anyone? Just a few days ago, I … More Learn and fail


Tears in my eyes. Am I surprised? Yes. Things are fucked up more than they ever had been, so such a reaction should not have taken me by surprise. But these tears, they are not sad. That’s what caught me by surprise. One thing leads to another, and thinking and thinking, going back in time, … More Shit.

Kissing the sky.

Tattoos are beautiful. I remember loving them from a very young age. It signified to me that you have figured out what your life is all about. Only when you understand what you are, what you are capable of, how much you can harm others, how good can you be to someone who will never … More Kissing the sky.