The two-minute letter

Screw you.

Screw you, very much.

You are dumb. You are so dumb that you were stupid enough to get drunk to death. You are so gullible that you believe the world is a nice place. You are so stupid that you actually believed for some moments that it was not your fault. You are the embodiment of thick-headedness and personify ineptitude. You make me sick. You make me want to go kill myself, or better yet, kill you. 

You have no control over your thoughts. You still agonize over the same thing even though everybody tried to make it go away. You are so incapable that you cannot stop thinking about it. You are weak enough to want to talk about it. You are a bloodsucker who sucks other people’s happiness by talking about it, when you did. You think it is a great achievement to be able to hide everything from everyone but the truth is you are still letting it out. 

Your situation could have been much worse. You should be thankful. Instead, you indulge in self-blame. Yeah, like that’s going to make your mistakes any lesser. You are responsible for what happens to you. It is your stupidity, your thoughtlessness that has led to where you are today. Not only did you commit mistakes then, but after that you didn’t stop. You wrecked other peoples’ lives because you are incapable of dealing with your own affairs. You want to talk, you don’t want to talk. You can’t decide. You make the lives if those around you hell because you can’t clearly tell them what you want. They have tried their best, and now they are tired. Even the best, even the one who promised. And rightly so. Thankfully you realize this, atleast this much sense has been knocked into your head.

You hate yourself, but you don’t have the courage to end your own life. Failed attempts is all you have. Your parents, you say. You can’t bear them knowing this. The truth is, you’re just too weak. 

You are a horrible decision maker. You can’t decide for yourself. You can’t get over things this small – people get over worse. You are so damn hateable that I feel pity for you. You are the lowest form of a human being. There aren’t enough words in the english language to tell you how dumb, stupid and horrible you are. 

In short, you suck. Go die. 

Oh I’m sorry you can’t. Just bloodsuck your friends then, or let your parents down. That’s your specialty, isn’t it? 

How in hell do you live with yourself, how can an animate object with that level of ineptitude even exist?

hate you.

3 thoughts on “The two-minute letter

  1. Whoa! What can one say upon reading this blog? Blogging is, or at least can be, an excellent outlet for deeply-rooted emotions, extreme frustrations, and whatnot … but, even though I do not know the individual to whom you are (ostensibly, at least) directing your diatribe, one should say that encouraging an individual to commit suicide is, perhaps, crossing the line of even justifiable anger. No matter past actions or current situation, might I humbly suggest you refrain from telling someone that they are so “dumb, stupid and horrible” that they ought to simply “go die.” And I make these comments carefully and circumspectly, by the way, as one who follows (gladly) your blog. Might you return to the above article, rethink and, perhaps, edit the content … and do so in such a way that you still relay your genuine anger and disgust but without the extremities?


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