Speechlessness and Godlessness

To a friend, a sister and a mentor.

You left, no warning. No time to tell you how much I love you. Your last words about me still haunt me, scolding him about getting me to the hospital even though I hated them.

From me persuading you that thandai is the best drink in the world to you trying to force me to watch ‘Brave’

From talking about boyfriend escapades to agreeing that guys are stupid anyway

From taking hours to decide who owes who a treat to you eventually giving in always

From you inspiring me to keep writing to calling me your younger sister on that fateful night

From our mutual love of Ted and Grey’s Anatomy quotes to our hatred of Rakhi Sawant (that video was funny, by the way – I just didn’t want to concede!)

From my calling you Apu to our debating on whether or not it sounded like an elephant’s name

From my falling off the chair at your joke about DJ to your thinking I was the internship head when I called you

From your unique way of diverting me when I was upset by quoting Shakespeare because you knew I’d start thinking about how he is overrated instead to my annoying you by sending Bieber links

From you trying to make me understand how cricket is mostly boring to my telling you MUNs suck

From that who-finds-a-hotter-picture-of-Hugh-Grant-first competition to finding so many similarities between our brothers

From arguing about which is better, Silk or Bournville to finally agreeing plain Dairy Milk is the best

Knowing you has been my luck, your departure a monumental loss. I never really told you how much I loved you until that day before you went – and that e-mail still lies unread.

I miss you more than you can ever imagine, and I have never come so close to anyone in such a short time.

Keep smiling that infectious smile of yours, wherever you are. You will be missed. Immensely.

Image source: http://elegantellie.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/something-to-look-forward-to/


2 thoughts on “Speechlessness and Godlessness

  1. So vivid and poignant that no words will really suffice; nevertheless, thank you for sharing such well-written, heart-wrenching words that are bound to resonate with many of your readers… This blog has certainly reverberated in MY soul!


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