Pick your metaphor

Eyes. Bloodshot, tired, drooping. Eyeliner smeared all over the edge of the eyelids. The waterproof mascara holds on, keeping the eyelashes raised up high, as if in pride.

Mouth. Dried lips, crusts of saliva sticking to the edge. Red lipstick on the chin, looking like swallowed blood that has left its delicious remains.

Nose. Torn out nose ring, caked blood on the right side of it. A shapely, royal and sharp feature a night ago reduced to a ruin that makes you wince.

Clothes. Once designer hues, now the relics of a horrifying night. Hurriedly pulled and thrown, not used to such careless handling. Clothes that Gucci would be proud to endorse.



Woman : Broken. Never the same human-being. No eyeliner, mascara, lipstick or wardrobe can bring her back.

Penny for your thoughts?

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