Window to the soul, or not?


Look into someone’s eyes. What do you see?


Large, beautiful eyes. Eyes that are more innocent than a rose bud. Eyes that bring back memories of childhood, when all that was needed to make you happy was your mother’s attention. That make you want to protect the possessor of the eyes from the vagaries of the world. To be their shield and save them from every possible harm. To make them never have to look betrayed or sad. Such is the magic large eyes weave upon you. Beware, you shall never know when they bewitch you.


Pitiful eyes, filled with tears. Looking up at you through their wet eyelashes. Eyes that tear at your heartstrings. That make you want to embrace and to never let them out of your sight again. To sacrifice your own happiness, if possible, if only to prevent a single tear from besmirching those hazel eyes. To look up to the heavens and scream,’Why?’ Such is the helplessness tearful eyes can unleash. Beware, you may never know when they are using you and when they sap you out of all your energy.


Bright, naughty eyes. Do you see the playfulness in them? That one glance that sets your senses tingling? The eyes that seem to smile, with just a hint of a promise behind them? A promise of a future, a promise of getting more than you expect. The eyes that can hook you onto them, and get you addicted, chasing after that obscure gleam that promises everything that is wonderful in the world. Beware, they can tangle you up in a web of endless promises and expectations and make your whole life a game of ruined anticipation.


Happy, smiling eyes. Eyes that radiate honesty. Almost saying out loud,’You can trust me.’ Eyes to which you would open up the deepest, darkest secrets of your soul in a trice and they would still smile in return. Eyes that you would give anything to see at 3am when you feel lonely. Eyes that make you believe that there is still hope for the world. Beware, eyes that have seen the truth of this world and still smile so much are dark within; for they have suffered much.



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