Pick your metaphor

Eyes. Bloodshot, tired, drooping. Eyeliner smeared all over the edge of the eyelids. The waterproof mascara holds on, keeping the eyelashes raised up high, as if in pride. Mouth. Dried lips, crusts of saliva sticking to the edge. Red lipstick on the chin, looking like swallowed blood that has left its delicious remains. Nose. Torn … More Pick your metaphor

The Why of it

What happens when something goes terribly wrong? When events take a turn you had never expected in your lifetime? When a life-changing disaster occurs? It could be anything : a parent’s death, a rape, a kidnapping – any traumatic event in your life. Once you are out of the shock, and reality begins to sink … More The Why of it

Being grey.

A friend of mine on Facebook recently sent a request to another person in my friend list. Seeing me as the only mutual contact and not knowing the other person too well, the receiver of the request asked me ‘What kind of a person is she? Should I accept?’ I answered without missing a beat,’She’s … More Being grey.

In fond memory….

I wake up, drenched in sweat. My heart is hammering away. I look around. It’s a brilliant day, the sunshine glistening on the red rooftop of the neighbours. By all accounts, I should be happy. But instinct tells me something is wrong. Something is missing. What is it? I look at myself. Nothing wrong with … More In fond memory….

The present has died too

Nightmares. Evil, lurking, dark. And changed. It’s no longer just a rewind. Not enough with devouring the past, it’s planning to gobble down the present. To infest it, to make it as miserable as the past. What’s scary is that it’s both predictable and unpredictable. Predictable because they occur with frightening regularity. And unpredictable because … More The present has died too