This won’t tell you how to be happy when sad

Feeling low? Hard-done-by? Like life’s unfair? Nothing going right? You’re a total failure? Fat, unintelligent and ordinary? Boring too, perhaps? Everything you touch turns to shit? You’re waste of space?

Well then, as the title clearly proclaims, I’m not going to tell you how to deal with this. Or how to become positive in life. Or how you are wonderful and amazing and unique and Oscar Wilde said so-and-so. No. None of that.

All I’m going to say is, when you feel low, wronged, bad, sad; you have a right to feel that way. Really, it’s okay sometimes. Even for extended periods. Don’t apologize for how you feel. You aren’t expected to be happy and perfect always. You can be cranky, sad and unhappy too. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling low. And, really, you owe no one. You feel sad, you can look sad. You can share your problems. Or even if you have none, you still can be sad (PMSing or not). There is no rule that says you have to be smiling 24×7. You can speak out. Or pout. or even cry. No, you’re not spoiling your friends’ mood. Or boring them. Be as you are. You owe it to one.

Because really, as my best friend very aptly puts it, ‘Tumne sabko entertain karne ka theka le rakha hai?’ (Modest translation : ‘Have you taken the responsibility of entertaining the whole world?’)


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