Why I don’t live

Photo credit : idiazsosa.tumblr.com
Photo credit : idiazsosa.tumblr.com

I live in a world where there is no magic, no miracles. There is no angel above my head or the devil waiting to cast me off to hell’s fiery depths. There are no majestic dragons the fires from whose mouths blind the Sun herself. There are no beautiful elves, the fair ones whose appearance belies their power. Nor the hardy dwarves, strong, resilient and slow to loyalty but once with you, always with you. There is no magic wand I can wave to make your pain lesser. There are no witches with pointed hats or wizards with scars; nor Shades with flaming red hair that scorches your very eyes dare you rest your eyeballs on them. There are no sorcerers who duel, might and main, ready to bet their lives on their skills, testing what they’ve learnt – the work of centuries, which one single mistake can wipe in just a millisecond. There is no wishing chair to help you escape, nor the Ancient Language to help you along. There are no magical potions or herbs, nor the Magic Faraway Tree to lead you to the land of miracles . Nothing to ease your path, but nothing to kill you along it too.

Ah,to live in a world without magic is mere existence. What I would give to live, to live.

Penny for your thoughts?

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